from the end to the end

pooja iranna video - from the end to the end

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another new beginning

ANIMATION 7.50 Minutes, Nov 2010

pooja iranna video - another new beginning

The artist believes that no stone has been left unturned by the human race ever since we started creating .We have successfully managed to use our cultural as well as technical knowledge along with positive energies ,to construct the unthinkable . Through this video she further goes on to explore the possibilities to which human mind can extend their creative energies in order to build not only the living structures on the face of it, but beliefs and inspirations as well .She finds a way to express that though we seem to have reached our zenith in many ways ,human mind is such that we can express our ingenuity when the time asks for it. 

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swaas (breath)

ANIMATION 3.45 Minutes, Single Channel Video. 2010

pooja iranna video - swaasIt is a single building breathing. Takes our attention towards the spaces we live in and create. These are alive and breathing just like us. They might be standing mute for some but they are there and carry vibrations which we usually are ignorant of.

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standing strong

pooja iranna video - standing strong
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