without vaginas, menstrual blood and pubic hair

Let’s start with ‘Another New Beginning’ by Pooja Iranna at Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi, where her solo show, ‘In the Waves and Underneath’, opened yesterday night (9th September 2010)...

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Pooja Iranna: Swas
Uma Nair 
10 October 2010

At ARTCELEBRATES2010,(Lalit Kala Akademi) the video that stands out for its iconic intensity is Pooja Iranna’s ‘Swas’...

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of human endeavor

Of Human Endeavor:
The Super Exposed City and the New Possibilities of Space

An essay on the corporeal experience of the contemporary metropolis in Pooja Iranna’s art

Like Pooja Iranna, I belong to the city of New Delhi, a city that has transformed so rapidly in the last few years that we the residents are left bemused at its expanding scale and baffled at the implications of this rapid urban metamorphosis – from a post-Independent refugee Capital city defining and shaping the modern nation to becoming one of the key stations in the Post-global economic and political network...

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the landscapes of where

Curatorial Essay
Nancy Adajania

The tradition of the landscape, whether in the visual or the literary arts, has always articulated the desire to recover or reclaim the natural at the very moment when it is threatened with annihilation by the forces of economic change, architecture and technology...

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recent works

Pooja Iranna’s recent works recast the invisible forces of nature with complex enigmatic meanings. Her interest still remains in the consequent exploration of resilience and resolve while confronting the drab and decadent in human experience...

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metaphorical mathematics

Architectural forms and the spaces they create can be the greatest expressions of human thought and emotion. As the architect Balakrishna Doshi has said, architecture is the creation of “the stage set for the theatre of living” and it is here where our dramas and passions, tragedies and comedies are enacted...

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